National Council of Sports (NCS) is a statutory organ whose establishment, status and powers are enshrined under the National Sports Act, 2023, to among other things; Develop, Promote and Control sports activities in Uganda on behalf of Government, under the Ministry of Education and Sports. The NCS which is linked to the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa (SCSA) and other relevant sports organizations serves as a body corporate that coordinates all sports activities in the country, in conjunction with National Sports Associations/Federations.

1. The Council shall -
a). recognize a sports discipline as a national sports discipline;
b). register national sports organisations;
c). promote and regulate the activities of national sports associations and national sports federations and where necessary, award medals, certificates of recognition, trophies and other incentives;
d). in collaboration with the national sports associations, national sports federations, local governments, educational institutions, communities and the private sector, as may be applicable-
i). make provisions for sports facilities, equipment and training;
ii). promote sportsmanship by searching for, identifying and developing sporting talent and ensuring discipline among sportsperson;
iii). create public awareness on matters of national interest through sporting events and on the benefits of sports to health;

e). organise sports clinics and provide advisory and counselling services to athletes;
f). develop, manage, operate and maintain the public sports facilities vested in the Council under this Act;
g). establish, operate and maintain sports museums;
h). approve the expenditure by national sports associations and national sports federations of funds and grants received from the Government;
i). facilitate cooperation between and amongst national sports associations and national sports federations;
j). in collaboration with the Ministry, facilitate the participation of Ugandan athletes and national teams in international sports competitions;
k). approve the hosting of international sports competitions and sports festivals by national sports associations and national sports federation; and
l). perform any other function as may be required under this Act.

2. The Council shall maintain registers of the national sports organisations registered under the NCS Act in a format prescribed by regulations made under the NCS Act.
3. The Council shall cooperate with the Ministry and other government Ministries, departments and agencies in the implementation of the NCS Act.

VISION:The Vision of National Council of Sports is “A centre of excellence for promotion and development of Sports.”

MISSION: The overall mission is “Maximizing opportunities for all Ugandans to participate and excel in Sports.”

GUIDING PRINCIPLES: National Council of Sports is guided by five (5) core values:
1. HONESTY: Moral character that implies positive attributes such as truthfulness, integrity, being straightforward, no cheating etc. it also involves being sincere, loyal, trustworthy and fair among others.

2. PURSUIT OF PERSONAL EXCELLENCE: Positive change to fulfill your dreams. This involves hard work, building self-confidence, breaking the long-term goal into small manageable tasks, learning from the best and having a strong desire to be successful.

3. LOVE OF SPORT: Feeling of attachment to sports. Sports helps in the development of mental health and physical fitness of the body. It also facilitates attainment of personal, community and national objectives.

4. TEAM WORK: Supporting each other to drive the Council to high performance.

5. INCLUSIVENESS: The quality or practice of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or mental disabilities or belonging to other minority groups.