The Staff

The day-to-day management of Council operations are coordinated by a Secretariat based at Lugogo, under the supervision of the General Secretary. Below are the names and titles of the present administrative staff:
Dr. Patrick B. Ogwel - General Secretary
Mr. David Katende Semakula - Assistant General Secretary/ Technical
Ms. Shadiah Nakamanya - Ag. Assistant General Secretary/ Administration
Mr. Joseph Oluga -Principal Accountant
Mr. Bbale Muhamed - Senior Accountant
Mr. Sam Eyul - Internal Auditor
Ms. Margaret Aguti - Personal Secretary to Gen. Secretary
Mr. Ivan Mugowa - Senior Administrative Secretary/ Technical
Mr. Geoffrey Oguti Ojede - Senior Human Resource Officer
Mr. Paul Musimami - Senior Planner
Ms. Dovic Daizy Nassuna - Information Officer
Ms. Siddy Among - Procurement Officer
Mr. Saadhi Musobya - Assistant Procurement Officer
Ms. Emma Sarah Odongo - Human Resource Officer
Mr. Conrand Kaheeru - Marketing and Investment Officer
Ms. Josephine Apio - Accountant
Mr. Ivan Niwamanya - Administrative Secretary/ Technical
Ms. Sarah Chelangat - Administrative Secretary/ Technical
Mr. James Kasumba - Administrative Secretary/ Technical
Ms. Annie Sarah Nankya - Administrative Secretary/ Technical
Mr. Emma Ogwal - Administrative Secretary/Administration
Mr. Micheal Mukalazi - Senior Accounts Assistant
Mr. Raymond Tucungwirwe - Internal Audit Assistant
Mr. Ibrah Kizza - Accounts Assistant
Mr. Nicholas Zirimenya - Facility Supervisor
Mr. Okello Tonny - Assistant Facility Supervisor
Mr. Patrick Awai - Head of Security
Ms. Rose Kushemererwa - Front Desk Officer
Mr. Charles Mugoya - Office Superintendent
Ms. Shanirah Nanyonjo - Assistant Inventory Officer
Mr. Andrew Ddumba - Corporate Sales Executive
Ms. Nuru Nakazzi - Corporate Sales Executive
Mr. Harold Kinumi - Corporate Sales Executive
Ms. Dianah Kisakye - Corporate Sales Executive
Ms. Monica Nakiria - Corporate Sales Executive
Ms. Sandrah Ademun - Corporate Sales Executive
Ms. Tinka Darlison - Office Attendant