What is the mandate of NCS?

National Council of Sports (NCS) is a statutory organ whose establishment, status and powers are enshrined under The NCS Act of 1964, to among other things; Develop, Promote and Control sports activities in Uganda on behalf of Government, under the Ministry of Education and Sports. The NCS which is linked to the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa (SCSA) and other relevant sports organizations serves as the REGULATOR and apex organization that coordinates all sports activities in the country, in conjunction with National Sports Associations/Federations. The NCS mandate among others include;

1. Develop and promote all forms of sport on national basis, in conjunction with voluntary amateur sports bodies, and also providing training and the required staff.
2. Encourage and facilitate cooperation among the various national sports associations.
3. Approve international and national sports competitions and festivals organized by national and other associations.
4. Organize, in conjunction with the nation associations, national and International competitions and festivals as a means of gaining experience and fostering friendly relations with other nations, and other activities as may be approved by the minister.
5. Stimulate interest in sports at all levels.
6. Plan the general policy of sports promotion.
7. Award, in consultation with the national associations, medals, diplomas, certificates and other incentives for the encouragement and promotion of sporting activities.
8. Sponsor scholarships for the training of coaches and organizers.
9. Advise the Minister of Sports regarding external relations in the field of sports
10. Arrange with local authorities for the provision of sporting facilities at all local levels and to inculcate a high level of sportsmanship and discipline.
11. Approve expenditure of national associations in receipt of grants made or through the Council and to audit the accounts of such associations.