Uganda Squash Rackets Association (USRA)

Squash is a racket and ball sport played by two players on a four-walled indoor enclosed court with a small, hallow rubber ball. The object of the game is hit the ball off the back wall until you manage to make your opponent fail in returning the ball. Every time you do so you will receive a point. Points make up sets, which in turn determine the winner of the match.

Rules of the Game:
• Games can be played by either two (singles) or four (doubles) players at one time.
• You must hit the ball with your racket within the boundaries on the back wall.
• The ball can hit the side wall at any time as long as at some point it hits the back wall.
• A let is called when a player accidently gets in their opponents way and is unable to get out the way.
• A foul is called if the player purposely tries to get in the way of their opponent.
• If a game gets to 10-10 then a player must win by two clear points to win that game.
• You cannot hit the ball twice and you cannot carry the ball.
• When serving one foot must be within the service box; the same goes for your opponent.
• Upon returning a serve you may hit the ball on the volley or after it bounces.

Squash is played between two people in a box like room. All that is needed is a squash racket (similar to a tennis racket but smaller head size) and a squash ball. The squash ball is around 2 and a half inches in diameter and made from rubber.

Squash matches are played in best of five set formats. Each set is played for 11 points, with a two point lead format. The player who wins three sets first is declared as the winner of the match.

Squash in Uganda:
Uganda Squash Rackets Association is the body mandated to promote the sport of Squash in Uganda and is registered with National Council of Sports and is affiliated internationally to World Squash Federation in UK. Tamwesigire John Bosco Ahimbisibwe is the Chairman of Uganda Squash Rackets Association and Eseza Byakika Catherine is the General Secretary.
Some of the National Squash calendar events include:
• Bank of Uganda Open Squash Tournament
• Kabaka’s Birthday Open
• Prime General Supplies Open Squash Tournament

Tamwesigire John Bosco Ahimbisibwe

Abdeel Kyezira

Kampala Club
P.O. Box 7024, Kampala