Uganda Ultimate Frisbee Association (UUFA)

Ultimate Frisbee is a non contact team sport played with a flying disc (Frisbee). On a field of play, each team comprises of 7 players and can be played by both men and women. The objective of the game is to score points by passing the disc into the opposing end zone, similar to American Football and Rugby. The winner is usually decided by whichever team is first to score a specified number of goals or whichever team scores the most goals in a given time-frame.

A 10.75 inches in diameter and 175g weight flying disc or frisbee is needed and 8 marker cones.

Rules of the Game:
- To begin the game, players line up at the edge of their respective end zones and the defensive team throws the disc towards the offensive side.
- During play, the disc may be thrown in any direction.
-You cannot run with the disc and on receiving it, you must release it within TEN seconds.
-You lose possession, if the disc touches the ground, goes out of play or if your opponent catches it.
- A point is scored when a team-mate catches the disc in the opponent's end zone.

Ultimate Frisbee in Uganda:
In Uganda, the sport was introduced around 2006 and was fully registered with National Council of Sports in 2010.
Uganda Ultimate Frisbee Association is the body mandated to promote the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in Uganda and is registered with National Council of Sports and internationally affiliated to the World Flying Disc Federation in USA.

Some of the National Ultimate Frisbee events include:
-The 7 Hills Classic Tournament
-Ultimate Frisbee Ball
-The Kampala Hat Charity Tournament

Brian Kaswa

Katende Mukiibi

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