The Minister of State for Sports Hon. Charles Bakkabulindi on Wednesday February 21, 2018 inaugurated the National Council of Sports new Council (Board) led by Mr. Bosco Onyik at Copper Chimney Restaurant, Lugogo.

This comes shortly after the minister a fortnight ago renewed the appointments of the entire Board. In a meeting inaugurate the Board for the next two years ,(2018-2020) Hon. Bakkabulindi urged it to continue working as a team and achieve greater heights which is the reason for the reappointment of the full board.

“I know this team will continue to achieve. I want you to continue working as a team. This time your duty should include educating national sports federations and associations to understand their respective roles,” Hon. Bakkabulindi advised.

“Many of the associations and federations do not seem to know their roles and yet blame others for their problems. The officials in these federations and associations need to work in harmony for sports development,” Hon. Bakkabulindi said.

The Minister of State for Sports is mandated to appoint a team of individuals to constitute the National Council of Sports Council/Board after every two years. He advised National Council of Sports to ensure that Team Uganda that will represent the country in the forthcoming Commonwealth Games is constituted of genuinely competitive players.

Mr. Onyik thanked the Minister for recognizing their achievements and entrusting his team with another mandate for more years. He noted that his team will continue to consolidate their achievements as mandated for betterment of Sports in Uganda.

NCS General Secretary Nicholas Muramagi enumerated the achievements of the Council that include developmental partnerships and financial support to compliant national sports federations and associations. The Commissioner for Sports Omara Apita also attended the inauguration.

The newly reappointed NCS Board Members include Mr. Bosco Onyik, Mr. Zubair Galiwango, Mr. Hassan Lwabayi Mudiba, Patrick Herric Cheborion, Mr. Kato Kawuma, Mr. William Beyeza, Mr. Andrew Sorowen, Mr. Tom Amiiti, Ms. Agatha Namirembe, Ms. Cecilia Anyakoit and Mr. Patrick Okanya.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018