The new Minister of State for Sports, Honorable Denis Hamison Obua was on Friday 17th January 2020 handed over the Ministry office and on his second day in office, the Minister has started his official duties with a visit to National Council of Sports where he has met members of staff, Top Management, the Council (Board) and also took an inspection tour of the NCS Lugogo Complex. Also in attendance were officials of the Ministry of Education and Sports and media.

Hon. Obua who has been an ardent advocate for the increase in the sports sector budget takes over from Hon. Charles Bakkabulindi who served in the same position for the last 14 years.

The NCS Chairman, Mr. Bosco Onyik in his welcome remarks committed to work closely with the new leadership for the advancement of the Sector. He noted that Uganda is now a renown sporting nation that does not enter sports competitions to participate but to compete and win medals as witnessed in different sports disciplines. On the other hand, the NCS General Secretary pointed out the vision, mission and the guiding principles that guide the work processes at National Council of Sports.

The new Minister of Sports in his remarks pointed out that National Council of Spots is a key institution in delivering the vision of the government of Uganda in regards to sports and as such found it fit to meet with the sports administrators for an acclimatization visit and thereafter meet with the other sports stakeholders who collectively have a role to play in delivering the vision of government.

As such, he reechoed the SIX reasons given by HE the President of Uganda for the new ministerial appointments in the recent government reshuffle:
1. Stability; Stability in all sectors of government, Sports inclusive
2. No Corruption; Every public officer either elected or appointed should ensure effective utilization of public funds
3. Wanted people who stand with the masses; and given that Sports is a mass engaging activity,
4. Straight and focused People; Administrators/Leaders should be able to stand with and by the truth and accordingly be straight and focused on the vision
5. Bring on board Youthful Persons; Youthful leaders who can deliver the government vision in all sectors, sports inclusive
6. Performance; always striving to move from good to excellent performance and this should be applied to the sports sub sector

Equally, the Minister pointed out the need to strategically align the visions of National Council of Sports, the Ministry of Education and Sports to the overall vision of the government of Uganda. The Minister also pledged to lead the sector to bring into force a new legal framework to have a streamlined sports sector and also equally have NCS as an autonomous institution.

He added that as with the case with other developed countries, the sports sector is run/funded by mainly the private sector and as such, he is committed to usher in a new era where Sports will not be entirely be dependent on government funding but rather tap into the enormous private sector sponsorship and partnerships opportunities.

The Minister also took note of the key challenges facing sports; obsolete legal framework, poor sports infrastructure and inadequate funding. And these he pledged to work closely with the different sports stakeholders to find amicable solutions.

Tomorrow, 22nd January 2020, the Honorable Minister shall meet Heads of the 50 National Sports Federations/Associations at the National Council of Sports for the 2nd National Forum of Sports Associations as stipulated in the Sports Statutory Instruments No.38, 2014.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020