Uganda Badminton Association (UBA)

Uganda Badminton Association was formed in the 1960's. Badminton as a game was mainly played by the expatriate community, mostly by clubs and schools around Kampala and Jinja. The headquarters in Kampala. Uganda has been a dominant force since 1980 to date in East and Central Africa.

In January 2007 in the All Africa Games in Algiers (Algeria) Badminton was the first sport to earn Uganda as a country its first medal, a Bronze won by Edwin Ekiring. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Uganda Badminton Association managed to qualify an athlete for the first time in Olympic history.The political turmoil in the country during the 1970's negatively affected the game, however, the sport was rejuvenated in the mid-eighties and a number of clubs were established and started playing the game. Since then the game has steadily grown taking root in schools very well. Today the game has grown from a few schools and clubs to schools, higher institutions of learning and clubs. It caters for all age groups right from 4 years to over 70 years and for both men and women. The association has appointed Regional Development Officers across different regions of Uganda in a move to establish the sport nation wide.

The Uganda Badminton Association is governed by an Executive Committee of 9 people and a patron and is a member of the World Badminton Federation (BWF).

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