Uganda Netball Federation (UNF)

Netball was founded in England and was derived from an early version of basketball. Netball involves two teams where each strive to keep or gain possession of the ball and can be played by both men and women. The team with the ball, through running, jumping, throwing and catching, attempts to move the ball into its goal circle from where a goal may be scored, while the opposing team uses defensive movements and strategies to prevent this and to gain possession. The team with the greater number of goals is the winner of the match.

Rules of the Game:
• A match consists of four quarters lasting 15 minutes each.
• Each team can have a maximum of 7 players and a minimum of 5.
• The court must be divided unto 3 sections, with each player holding a specific position on the court.
• If a player moves into a position that they shouldn’t be in, they will be deemed to be offside.
• Players cannot hold the ball for more than three seconds.
• Players cannot take more than 1.5 steps when in possession of the ball.
• The ball must go through the ringed hoop for a goal to be given.

Players and Equipment:
There are set positions in a netball team and these positions will limit where the player can be on the court; Goal Shooter, Goal Attack, Wing Attack, Centre, Wing Defence, Goal Defence, Goal Keeper.
The netball court is bigger than a basketball court, traditionally measures up at 100ft long and 50ft wide.

A netball game can be played with a court, two goals and a ball. Regulation uniforms are part of the game in official matches.
INF World Events are played in indoor arenas on sprung wooden floors although outdoor facilities can also accommodate the sport.

A match consists of four quarters lasting 15 minutes each.

Netball in Uganda:
Uganda Netball Federation is the body mandated to promote the sport of Netball in Uganda and is fully registered with National Council of Sports and internationally affiliated to the International Netball Federation (INF) in England.

She Cranes is the National Women’s Team and is currently ranked 7th world wide and 3rd in Africa in the latest INF World Rankings. In 2023, Uganda finished in 5th position and 1st in Africa at the Netball World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa.

Some of the National Calendar events include:
-Uganda Netball League
-National Netball Rally Championships
-National University Netball Games



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