Uganda Sports Climbing Federation (USCF)

Sport climbing involves high-intensity climbing on relatively short routes. Its distinguishing characteristics include preplaced bolts and an emphasis on the physical aspect of the climb rather than the destination or summit. Sport climbing is a form of lead climbing. That means that the climbing rope starts at the bottom, and the (lead) climber clips in as they climb. The sport can be played both indoors or outdoors by both men and women.

Rules of the Game:
1. The climbing walls in the lead competitions have a minimum height of at least 12 metres. Climbers climb on these walls with the aid of a single rope, clipped to a series of protection points.
2. All the participants are required to fit themselves in the harness, which will secure their positioning.
3. The participants can un-clip and re-clip their protection point situated at the end during their climb.
4. The climb is declared finished when they have fallen on the ground, clipped their final protection point in the climbing route, or either been terminated by the designated Judge and referee.
5. For the speed competitions, the players can only qualify if they complete the course in the minimum time interval (through an approved automatic timing system.)
6. The participants have one attempt to complete any lane during the qualification round.
7. All the participants have to wear their shoes during their climb. It is completely prohibited to participate in the climb barefoot.

Gear for sport climbing is light, streamlined and aimed at speed and efficiency. A bolted climb requires a rope, harness, shoes, quickdraws, helmet, chalk and a chalk bag.

The climbing routes for any participant are designated for 6 minutes. They can attempt to pass any route after the permit by a technical incident or appeal.

Sport Climbing in Uganda:
Uganda Sport Climbing Association is the body mandated to promote the sport of Sports Climbing in Uganda and is registered with National Council of Sports and internationally affiliated to the International Federation of Sport Climbing in Switzerland.

Richard Asiimwe

Brandon Katura

Makerere University