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VX Sport (originally Rock-It-Ball) is a ball indoor sport played by two teams of five players on a court that is roughly the size of a sports hall with four badminton courts, basketball courts or squash courts can be used. Players dribble by rock-ing the ball between the two ends, or by using one end of the VstiX to bounce the ball on the floor to score into the goalpost.
Versions of VX Sport include: V2, V3 and V4 (Doubles)

Rules of the Game and infringements:
• One point is scored by hitting an opponent with the ball between the shoulders and the feet. Three points are scored by catching an opponent's thrown ball.
• When a player is hit (s)he must stand still, raise a hand and look to the referee. The referee records the point and tells the player to play on.
• Fishing (this refers to picking up a ball while waiting to play on after being hit)
• Travelling, i.e. not dribbling. A player can take two steps and then must dribble.
• Striking. A player is not allowed to strike either the ball or another player with the VstiX.
• Illegal bodily contact - for example deliberately barging into an opponent.

The duration of the game is two halves of four minutes each.

Each player uses a VstiX which is made up of a control bar and a thrower/catcher at each end and balls.

VX in Uganda:
The sport of VX was introduced in Uganda in 2006. VX Uganda is the body registered with National Council of Sport with the mandate to promote the sport of VX in Uganda. Internationally, VX Uganda is affiliated to the Global VX in United Kingdoms.


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