How can I access funding/support from NCS?

Government through Council may extend financial Support to N/As where possible, depending on set qualification criteria and availability of resources, with the guidance of the NCS Funding Policy. Accordingly, the N/As who seek for this funding should formally request for funding and are required to have submitted the following support documents in order to be considered for financial support

- Annual calendar

- Proposed Budget for the intended event

- Formulated plans to guide their operations

- Rebrand and showcase their talents/products to increase on the private sector to sponsor their activities

- Mobilize funds (fundraising/partnership) mobilize, private sector and partnerships to supplement on Government support

- Accountability for the usage of the Government funding

- Report of the completed activity


Utilization of funds from Government

  • Government through NCS will endeavor to fund the National Associations Programs and framework within which their outputs can be measured.
  • NCS will argue recipients of funds to indicate the added value that they have achieved in relation to their sport and recreation activities.
  • NCS recognizes that it has to allocate public funds entrusted to it in a manner that promotes effectiveness, efficiency, economy, equity, development and excellence in sport and recreation. There should be value for investment.
  • NCS will demand and enforce compliance to acceptable standards of administration from recipients of Government funding, as opposed to dependence on hand-outs.
  • NCS will encourage creativity and self-reliance on the part of the National Associations.
  • Since the NCS/Government cannot continue the practice of stretching the limited budget to both the top and bottom ends of all the national sport and recreation codes, not all sports programs will be funded.
  • NCS is mindful of the need for financial resources in sport and recreation. The state sport/recreation partnership, resulting in sport and recreation forums at national, district and local levels, unlocks all the financial resources government can make available to sport and recreation


Criteria for qualifying for financial support

In order to be considered for financial assistance from the NCS, macro-structures national federations and service organization must:-

  • Be registered and compliant to NCS as provided for in the Statutory Instruments No.38, 2014
  • Be unified and democratically elected bodies instituted as organizations “not for gain” with registered participants.
  • Have vibrant Local, Districts, foreign programs
  • Have Regional/Districts/Club representation in the General Assembly;
  • Support free association and participation
  • Pursue purely sports and recreational objectives;
  • Take positive action against any of its members who are guilty of the use of prohibited performance-enhancing chemical substances;
  • Provide proof of the existence and implementation of a viable national development program that is aimed at maximizing opportunities for all;
  • By means of annual audited income and expenditure accounts, provide proof of sound financial management;
  • Have leadership development programs
  • Hold meetings as stipulated by their Constitutions
  • Hold regular executive meetings

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