Mr. Stephen Asiimwe

COUNCIL MEMBER (2020-2022)

Mr. Asiimwe is the outgoing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB). He took over leadership as Uganda's chief tourism marketing and promotional chief from February, 2014-February, 2019.

Mr. Asiimwe is now the Lead Consultant at the Primero Global Consult group, an international corporate communication, management and tourism consultancy. Mr. Asiimwe is also the past CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the East African Business Week with operations in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi from May 2015 to January 2014.

He is an experienced manger, marketer, investment manager, editor and international faculty with the US-based Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership, speaker, lobbyist and strategist.

A good lobbyist and with great abilities in advocacy, he has capacity to engage both private and public leaders to push for bolstering Africa's untapped development agenda. He raised UTB's government budget from a paltry UGX 1.5 billion to UGX 25 billion in five years. Lobbied for over $5 Million funding from World Bank, UNPD, WWF, Trademark East Africa, et al. He was also very instrumental in co-branding and supporting some local and international sports teams and events.

Mr. Asimmwe is a graduate of the Development Associates International (DAI) Post Graduate Programme at Uganda Christian University (UCU) and was awarded a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and Management. He is also a graduate of Makerere University with a BA in Social Sciences (Political Science and Sociology). He also holds a number of postgraduate diplomas and certificates in Education, Management, Marketing, Media and Communication.

For his role in media and development, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters of the United Graduate College and Seminary (Tennessee, USA), in December 2008.

Mr. Asiimwe brings on board a number of other core competences. As Board member and Secretary of the UTB, CEO and Accounting Officer, Mr. Asiimwe is well-versed and proficient with government procedures and corporate governance.

Mr. Asiimwe has a good understanding of sports. While at leading sports schools, Busoga College Mwiri, Namasagali College and later Makerere University, he excelled in various sporting disciplines. He played Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Squash, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball and Soccer. He was honored and decorated Sportsman and Captain of the Year for Mitchell Hall in 1992 and was drafted to the Makerere University teams for Badminton, Squash and Tennis.